Has Spring Really Sprung ? The Plants Aren’t So Sure

Well its seems Spring doesn't no what it's meant to be doing. We have had down pour after down pour, scorching temperatures and now they are saying snow is on the way again, which I have my fingers crossed that it wont. It's know wonder the poor plants don't know what to do. I managed… Continue reading Has Spring Really Sprung ? The Plants Aren’t So Sure


My Adventures In Vegetable Gardening

I decided this year I wanted to finally grow my own Vegetables and fruit, well me and Bear have. I always loved working on the allotment and garden growing up, it was a way of clearing my mind, getting fresh air and sunlight and I enjoyed watching my new plant growing, but as time has… Continue reading My Adventures In Vegetable Gardening


WIP – Crochet Ripple Blanket

Hey there my lovelies I hope you are all doing well I must apologise for my absence of late, I felt that I needed to rethink my blog as when I started I was going to blog about beauty but it seems I prefer using the product more than writing about them but that's for another… Continue reading WIP – Crochet Ripple Blanket

Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Flower Remedy – RESCUE Remedy Review

We all know I love plants and their abilities to heal the body and mind, but over the last 12 month I have slipped backward, back to using mainstream beauty which as we know are full of nasties, taking painkillers for headache instead of using my herbal ways and eating poorly not paying too much… Continue reading Bach Flower Remedy – RESCUE Remedy Review


My Top 10 Essential Oils For Beginners

When you first get into aromatherapy choosing which oils you need or want can be a daunting task as there are around 90 single note essential oils to choose from with varying health benefits. Some of these oils are relatively cheap like Tea Tree and lavender but others can be rather more expensive like Neroli… Continue reading My Top 10 Essential Oils For Beginners


The Best Essential Oils For Menstrual Health

I suffer from PCOS, an ovarian illness which means my ovaries don't regularly release eggs (ovulation) causes irregular periods or it can cause you not to have them at all and just as an added bonus it also throws in a few other not so lovely side effects like weight gain, excess body and facial hair… Continue reading The Best Essential Oils For Menstrual Health


doTerra Oils : Brought To You By Alison – UK Consultant

You all know I love essential oils and Aromatherapy. Well a few weeks back I was contacted by a very lovely lady called Alison who is a doTerra UK representative, Yes you heard right doTerra has come to the UK. Alison kindly offered to send me a sample of the oils she sells (as I… Continue reading doTerra Oils : Brought To You By Alison – UK Consultant

Random Musings

12 Clothing Brands I love

I love clothes its no secret to be honest is might boarder on obsessive. Since loosing a lot weight I feel more confident and instead of hiding in boring clothes I now what colours and patterns. Its made me more adventurous and I can now buy from brands I always wished I could have. I… Continue reading 12 Clothing Brands I love


Aromatherapy : Base Carrier Oils

I've put together a list, of some of the most popular carrier oils on the market. They vary in price so there is always an amazing oil for everyone's budget. By no means is this a complete list of oils, as there are many rare and very expensive oils out there plus infused oils so… Continue reading Aromatherapy : Base Carrier Oils

Why Cruelty Free

Why Cruelty Free ?

Why did I go cruelty free ? Simply because I love animals and hate any form of animal cruelty. I've always been animal made, my cruelty free journey started when I was at middle school after seeing a group of campaigners outside our town centre collecting signatures. I was so horrified at the images I… Continue reading Why Cruelty Free ?