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About Me & The Being Miss Berry Blog


Ever Since I was a little girl nature has always been my first love. My happiest place to be was lost in the woods listening to the birds singing and the trees rustling in the wind or searching for fairies and looking forward to the weekends when I could work on my Godfathers allotment and not much has changed. When I get the chance I love to be out in the garden there is something so satisfying about harvesting herbs or vegetables you have grown by hand or watching a plant bloom for the first time and I still love to be lost in nature, just now I always have a camera In my hand.

Over the years I have grown a deep love of plants from their origins, too their healing and beauty properties and their culinary uses, there is always something to learn when it comes to plants. I also have a fascination with aromatherapy, herbal remedies and natural healing. So nearly all of the cosmetics I use are natural, either shop brought or homemade, but I’m still struggling to give up my Ted Baker shower gel.


I am a crafter, I come from a family of model makers and crafter’s so creating has always been encouraged. I will try any craft as I enjoy trying new things but my loves lie with Crochet, Needle/wet felting, embroidery, Sewing, Patchwork and my new hobby for 2018 (off the back of my love for plants) is plant dying and I can’t wait to started on the practical side.

Thanks to my Daddy and Nana I adore cooking and baking. The first thing I ever baked was Jam tarts, I was 5 years old and I was stopping at my nana’s she taught me to make my own pastry which I rolled it out with a glass milk bottle, and my love of baking was born. My dad loved to cook and I spent many a happy hour or four in the kitchen with him cooking or making up new recipes. Now my dad has passed away being in the kitchen makes me feel he’s closer to me.


I’m going to admit here that I’m a beauty junky, I love cosmetics and make up always have but the only differences now are that they have to be natural/organic and cruelty free. I to make my own products especially my own coffee body scrub.

I LOVE TEA, I’ll shout if from the roof tops. I am a real tea belly and I’m the type of girl who believes tea tastest better from the pot and has a love for cups and saucers. I start my day with tea and ends it with tea and you can be sure that everything I do in-between I’ll have a cup of tea with me. I was always quite boring with me tea but lately in have become come get adventurous and trying to blends and flavours.

So you see I’m just and old-fashioned girl living in a modern world. I love a simpler way of life, Less Technology and more time spent in nature, handcrafted items, homemade wholesome food and growing your own produce (I’m basically a hobbit) and lots of pretty things too, so that’s the mix you will find here from Beauty & Make up reviews, Nature, Recipes, Tea, Plants (gardening, aromatherapy, herbal remedies), Lifestyle (Thoughts, Book reviews, Places).

And probably a lot more besides

I hope you can drop by often and visit me here

Lots of love Berry xx

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