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The First Day Of November

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Really do love the first day of the month … Don’t you ?

I love it because it gives you a shiny new clean slate to work with . You can set new goals and challenges for yourself or just build on from the month before. There are new adventures to be had and fantastic memories to make. So far I haven’t done to well this year on my monthly challenges life got a little crazy and I lost control but I have made a lot of memories so I’m sure that makes up for it.

Due to that I have decided to start a fresh with November and set myself a little photography challenge to get me fired up and seeing as autumn is my favourite season, what better time to do it as there is so much beauty and inspiration around us at the moment why wouldn’t you want to capture it forever and I’m sure you will be making memories at the same time … So it’s a win win situation

I love to take photographs and always have a camera with me even if it’s just the one on my mobile phone but lately it’s been the same old things. I’m hoping this will make me look at the world around me with new eyes instead of just taking photos of my Cats.

I really would love you to join in with me with this little bit of fun, so I have add the prompts I am using below but please feel free to write your own or change things around.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 16.48.26.png

I’d love to see your favourite picture from this months challenge, so please feel to share.

Lots of Love Berry xx

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