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These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things …

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“Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things”

I woke up this morning with that song in my head, i have no idea why its there as i haven’t watched the Sound of Music in years but its there and i can’t stop humming it. Then over my morning cup of tea it gave way to the thought what are my favourite things ? So i grabbed a pen and paper and started writing them down although not as poetically as the song i’ll add.

Now i’d like to share them with you all.

Rain – There is something so peaceful about the rain i can get lost watching the rivers that run down the windows. I remember when i was a little girl Me and my nan would pick a raindrop each on the kitchen window to see who’s got to the bottom first we called it “Rainy day races“. I love the way the air is so fresh and clean after the rain and of course there is puddle splashing even at 35. Rain always manages to bring the little girl out in me and bring back such perfect memories

Tea – If i say i love tea that would be an understatement. i come from a family of big tea drinkers so it’s not really a surprise. The day hasn’t started until i have my first cup of tea (which always tastes amazing). Tea is a bit part of everything so when family visit theres tea. When i’m reading there’s tea, when i crochet there is tea, Its a day that ends in Y there’s tea. So believe me when i say there is always time for tea

Cats – I’m a crazy cat lady I love cats (well i love all animals) and think they make the best companions. I grew up in a family of Cat loves so i can’t remember a time when we didn’t have any. I have 3 Tom cats at the moment two of which were feral kittens and i can’t imagine my life without them. I find a cats purring so relaxing and have found myself waking up on the sofa not meaning to have fallen asleep and don’t get me started on their cute jelly bean toes.

Books – I love choosing a new book standing reading the blurb on the back its like making a new friend and look forward to my lazy Sunday to get lost in it. There are some books i wish i could wipe my memory of so i can read it again will new excitement 9and i few because they were just so bad). I love old books especially the ones with messages written in the front its like that bit of love makes the book more magical and special.

Lavender – Lavender always brings back memories of sleeping at my Nans house. After my bath she always let me use her yardley Lavender talc you know the one with the metal tin. I felt so special and grown up using but now i think she let me uses it so i went to sleep. I still use lavender these days to help me sleep i even wear natural lavender perfume to bed and have lavender bags in my draws and wardrobe.

Fudge – Fudge is the one thing i have to have when i’m ill. My nan started the tradition when i was 8 and had really bad Tonsilitis she went to town to get my medicine and brought me a 1/4 of fudge from the food hall to cheer me up so every time i was ill after that she brought me fudge. When she past away my boyfriend took up the tradition and buys it for me, But thats not to say i don’t eat it the rest of the time as well.

Squirrels – I get so excited when i see squirrels and have to stop and watch them until they are out of sight. my family think its so funny that i love squirrels so much as i was bitten by one when i was little my brother told me to put my fingers through the bars to stroke it and like a fool i did ( I went off him that day but not the squirrel). In my home i’m surrounded by squirrel things i even have ceramic squirrel lamps (i draw the line at taxidermy ones )

Patchwork Blankets – I have several patchwork blankets now and i’m still collecting more of them. My next project is to make my own. I don’t know what drew me to them maybe its the fabric or the history but what ever it is i’m addicted. Nothing beats curling up in my boyfriends arms reading on a lazy Sunday under One of the blankets … perfect

The north wind doth blow poem – When i was small my nan had a tree with a swing off it in her garden and id sit on her lap while we swung backwards and forwards saying that poem over and over again to me. It was our poem and she never said it to any of the other grandchildren. Since those days i have a deep affection to robins and if i see one i always say “hello grandmother Robin” as i believe that robins are our departed loved ones come to check on us.

Country Music – If i tell you i’ve been listening to country music from before i was born would you believe me ? Well its true my Daddy used to stretch his headphones over my mamas belly and play country music to me in the womb fast forward 35 years and i still listen to country music well its virtually all i listen to these days. My daddy past away June so i find it brings him back to me a little and i don’t feel so lost without him

Lots of Love Berry xx

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