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Getting Cosy Hygge Style

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We’ve all heard of Hygge, if not where have you been. It has taken the Internet by storm and everyone is loving it including me. I’m not really one to follow the latest trends but how could I resist Hygge. The more I read about it the more I loved it and it fitted perfectly with how me and Bear like to live.

For those who haven’t heard Hygge it is a Danish word for their way of life. It’s pronounced “hoo-ga“. It’s such a lovely and unique word isn’t ? While there’s no single English word to describe Hygge, several can be used interchangeably to describe this idea such as coziness, charm, happiness, ‘contentness’, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simpleness.’. Even the name makes me want to grab a thick blanket and a hot drink and curl up with a book.

Now the Danish people have been repeatedly voted as the happiest people in the world which really isn’t really a surprise as studies have shown that there is a clear link between gratitude and wellbeing, But we also need to remember that when it comes to understanding Hygge, it is all about experiences rather than ‘Items’.

Now so say that Hygge (or to be “hyggelist”) you don’t need a “how to”, or adopt a certain lifestyle or buy anything. literally only thing required is consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to recognise and enjoy the moment you are in. This why so many people put ‘hygge’ down to being a ‘feeling’ so if you don’t feel hygge, you probably aren’t using the word right. So in that case I had a good long think about what made me feel “Hygge”

Firstly two words that Jumped out to me most about Hygge were “Coziness” and “Simpleness”. I love nothing more than being snuggled up to bear under a thick blanket reading listening to the rain outside, Spending time with my brother and nephew watching family favorite movies with popcorn made fresh in a pan or giggling over old photos remembering those beautiful memories with my family.

I want to share with you the simple ways that help create “hygge’ to me.

Blankets & Throws : Blankets, blankets and more blankets the squishier and warmer the better. I have them everywhere, on my bed for duvet dates or lazy Sunday snuggly reading. They are on the settee and chairs and piled up on ottomans and I’m constantly crocheting new ones.


Candles: I love candle light the way the golden light flickers and dances on the walls to me nothing says cosy like candle light, I always buy scented ones like cinnamon or vanilla that add an extra layer or warmth. I like to use fairy lights to they give off a similar light but without the flame risk which is great when I’m spending time with the little ones

No Phones : My phone is always switched off by 9pm which gives me an hour of just relaxed us time, Sometimes we listen to audiobooks, Sometimes we read just as long as we are together. I always put the rule no phones at the dinner table or when we are together as a family (unless for emergencies and photos). It’s not often that we ‘all” get to be together at once so I saviour those moments.


Hot drinks : I love tea, I’m a bit of an addict to be honest but I also have a bit of a weakness for hot chocolate, as my Nan always said “It’ll warm your bones” but not talking the instant stuff I mean one made in a saucepan with milk, Cocoa powder, sugar and a pinch of cinnamon and if i’m feeling extra naughty I add marshmallows and then cream on top. Tea seems to be a very big part of our “family time” as soon as we have visitors the kettle goes on, when I visit friend and family the first thing that’s done is the kettle goes on. It’s amazing how a simple drink can be such an important part of our time together.

Stews and Soups: I love my slow cookers especially when it’s cold outside. Once that little bit of prep is done I can just sit back and relax until it’s time to serve. The delicious smell fills the house and just screams homely and warmth. To my family Stew and dumplings are the perfect comfort food.


Baking bread and cakes : I love being in the kitchen its one on my happy places. I love baking my families favourite biscuits and cakes. To be honest I love nothing more than cooking our big family Sunday dinners, all sat together round the table laughing and eating and we always end up going down memory lane. The smell or fresh bread and cakes fills the air and gives the house a different warmth and always draws people to the kitchen as we all love fresh bread that is still warm spread with proper butter … divine.

Spend time with the family : I love spending time with my family Saturday nights are movie night at my brothers home. Sunday dinners, easter egg hunts, Birthday tea parties, splashing in puddles and kick leaves oh the list is endless if we get a chance to get together we take it and board games are a must there is nothing funnier watching adults playing kids games with playful competitiveness which sometime I think isn’t that playful.

Cats : I love my cats I have 3 toms two of which were feral kittens. They are the most loving and snuggliest companion you could wish for. I love being curled up with them. If I’m stressed out just stroking them fo 5 minutes or so calms me down and its been proven stroking a cat can lower their blood pressure and yours, I don’t know why but their purring can make me quite sleepy. Here is  10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner 


Reading : Bear is a bookworm he will grab a chance to read at any point even if it’s just a page and has got me back into reading. I had forgotten how good for the soul reading was. I love to get lost in a book I can ignore the worries of the world for a while and drop my stress levels. The biggest thing about Autumn & Winter is the rain, I adore my lazy Sunday’s losing the whole day reading, Cuddled up in my fleecy pyjamas and thick wool socks under a throw or blanket … Perfect


What word stands out most to you ? I’d love to know what makes you feel “Hygge”

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