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“On the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month we will remember you”

Today Marks the 100th anniversary of the end on world war one. At 5am on Monday the 11th November 1918 an agreement was made between the allies and Germany that the fight would cease and the guns finally fell silent. Although hostilities still remained in some areas the armistice essentially brought the end to 4 long years of fighting.

During the War much of the fighting took place in Western Europe. Previously beautiful countryside was blasted, bombed and fought over, again and again. The landscape was quickly  churned up into muddy fields where little or nothing could grow.

But the Bright red Flanders poppies (Papaver rhoeas) a delicate but resilient flowers grew in their thousands, flourishing despite being in the middle of all the chaos and destruction.

In early May 1915, Lt Col John McCrae a Canadian doctor was inspired by the sight of poppies to write a now famous poem called ‘In Flanders Fields‘ after losing his friend in Ypres.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 14.18.15

So to all these amazing Men, Women & Animals, that have lost their precious lives to allow us to continue having our freedom not just in WW1 but in every war that has happened, Thank you. You are Hero’s and forever will be. You will forever be held in high regard and never forgotten nor will what you have done and sacrificed. Sleep Easy until the time comes for you to be back with those you love and those who love you.

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