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I’m Coming Back As A Cat


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No seriously I am, they ( well a lot) have a such a cushy life. When the house needs cleaning what do they do ? Sleep. When the dinner needs cooking what do they do ? Sleep. When it’s raining outside and the bins need putting out what do they do? sleep. (can you see a theme here). While I sat writing this post I have a cat stretched out down my legs without a care in the world (& snoring I’ll add) another cat is curled up in a ball next to me sound asleep and the last cat can’t make his mind up what he wants to do.


As a cat mama I bend over backwards for my babies and I know I made the rod for my own back but if you are a cat owner you will know my struggle.  If the cats join me in bed I like an idiot will lie uncomfortable so I don’t disturb their sleep, even though it’s probably their 18th hour of snoozing. When they are on my lap and I need the toilet I will wait till my bladder is at bursting point before for I move them because they look so cute all curled up. I spend my day opening doors for them because they don’t know if they want to be insider or outside or inside again. I’m a fool but I still do it and I know im not the only one that does.


A cats life consists of eating and sleeping and a few manic moments during the day but mostly at 3am. A cat has it easy really no bills, no housework, No work in general, All meals provided plus treats and tip bits.


When it comes to cats the fatter they are the cuter they are seen, no so much so for humans. Cats don’t need to bikini body ready they don’t need to spend hours in the gym or doing workout DVDs, They don’t have to wax, shave or have their eyebrows “on point” (what ever that means). They aren’t expected to have rock hard abs or pert boobs. Cats don’t want the latest trend or gadget in fairness they are pretty happy with a toy mouse or your laces while you are trying to walk. A cat doesn’t have to worry if their clothes fit right or if their shoes match their bags. There is no worry that you will bump into someone with the same outfit because to two cats are ever the same. 


They don’t have to struggle to find their place in this world, as their place is slap bang in the middle of what you are doing. Seriously if you have a cat in the house that you want to spend time with start doing something like reading trust me they will be right there in front of you in seconds.


A cat doesn’t care about most things, to them they are not our pets but we are their servants and treat us as such. They live a simple yet shallow existence of food, fuss and sleep. They are not deemed as antisocial if they don’t want to mix with others or spend their whole day away from everyone else a sleep. Biting and scratching are excepted actions to annoyance for a cat but slapping someone as a human isn’t .  A cat doesn’t get odd looks or talked about badly if they do something wierd … they are just being cute.


So you see life would be so much simpler as a cat, and in my next life I think it would be a wise choice to make to come back as one don’t you ? … but …

There only thing that puts me off this idea, is the having to lick my own bottom …. errr no !!

Lots of love Berry xx


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