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The Girl With A Hobbit Heart

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‘I dream of a life in the shire but until then I can bring a little shire to my home.’ 

I’ll be honest here I am totally obsessed with The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings and I mean obsessed. I love the movies they are always the option that me & bear go for on duvet date night (we have had more movie marathons than I can count) but by far the books are something else. When you read the books your mind picks out the words that mean the most to you, you can reread that sentence that strikes a chord with your heart over and over again even with the audiobooks (which I like to listen to when I’m crocheting or when my Health is playing up) you aren’t distracted by the special effects or script. 

I will admit I came to LOTR & The Hobbit later than most. Bear loves the stories and has since he was a child but I wasn’t convinced I would, so one date night It was his choice and I had none, so LOTR it was and I was smitten. The next day I found all Bears Tolkiens books out and started reading them and that’s when I realised just how much of a hobbit I actually was, Bear had been laughing about it for years telling me I was his Hobbit but I just let it go in one ear and out the other but I also realised that I had my very own Samwise Gamgee (Yes Bear is defiantly a hobbit too just a 5’9 one).


Concerning Hobbits 

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Hobbits are Homely folk, they aren’t big on adventures and prefer to keep themselves close to home with their feet firmly planted like roots of a tree. They love having the things & the people they love close around them. They live simple country lives not stressing over the little things or even the big. They aren’t into having to have the latest trend and they aren’t dedicated followers of fashion. From their clothes, to the food they eat and how they live their lives ‘SIMPLY’ and ‘WHOLESOME’ are the keyword. They don’t do jealousy or compete with their neighbours unless it who can grow the biggest pumpkin or Marrow. 

So this is where my “hobbitness” starts, I have never followed fashion or wanted the latest trend ( if I do get into something that was “in” Or “on trend” I usually get into years later when its been forgotten about) I’m not a glitz and glam kind of girl, I never have been and I don’t think I ever will be. I don’t contour my make up, do smoky eyes, pouty lips or wear false lashes. You wont see in glitter or sequins but maybe a little hand beading and I wear my dresses with boots or flats, a FYI I can’t even walk in heals but just like Hobbits barefoot is best (nope I don’t have the hairy feet). I love to have flowers in my hair if I can get away with it especially little daisy crowns. I like my clothes to be made of natural material & where possible in muted/pastel colours or nature inspired patterns. Ethical and Organic clothing have become a big thing laterally and they are becoming easier to get so now my wardrobe is filling up nicely with them. But all this doesn’t mean I don’t want to be well dressed or look pretty.

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“It was a Hobbit hole, and that means comfort”

Hobbits Like good quality and hand crafted items for themselves and their home from hand spun pots and plates to Quilted blankets. In the shire you will not find mass-produced items, the things they have around them are made by craft people from the Shire and maybe a few items for middle earth if you visit Bag End. I’m a crafter myself and make a lot of things for my home and at the moment its hand crocheted blankets, I’ve started on a path of spinning and dying my own yarn so the items I make are even more “handcrafted” . I also have a high respect for other crafters and artisans and love looking through Etsy and folksy at their work looking for that perfect items to give as gifts or just for the house. If I can get an item I need or want handcrafted then I’ll happily pay that bit extra for the artisans hard work. To me Hand crafted item always feel loved and homely and add a feeling of warmth to a room. Each piece tells a story and will always be one of a kind from fingerprints in the clay or in the case of my glass fox a little hair that caught within him. It is always these pieces that are the topic of conversations not the shop brought items.

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 To say  Hobbits ‘love’ their food and drink is a understatment and these things have to be of good quality, that’s not to say it has to be fancy just wholesome. Their pantries are full of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetable, homemade pies, Cakes & bread. Both food & drink play a big part in a hobbits life be it in their Hobbit Holes or in The Green Dragon it’s how they socialize family and friends and it the same for me. I love to cook and bake if I’m in the kitchen I’m happy. I enjoy nothing more than making huge meals to bring my family all together at once especially as we all have such busy lives. The foods I like to make are traditional food like roast dinners, Cottage pies, Stew and Dumplings or Toad in the hole as my Nana always said food that sticks to your ribs It’s all made from scratch with fresh natural ingredients and no packet mixes. I have a collection of old and traditional cookbooks which I enjoy looking through even if I’m not cooking there is a lost history and traditions in them just waiting to be released.

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Boil em, Mash em, stick em in a stew

 Plus like Sam I love Po – ta – toes and I’d have them with every meal if I could get away with it.

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With Hobbits there is a theme and that is of Nature and Natural. The Shire is beautiful unspoilt country side rolling hill and a patchwork of fields. Farming even on a small-scale is important to Hobbits. They grow their own foods either on farm land or in kitchen gardens. If they eat it or drink it then it was made in the shire. The only tools used are traditional hand tools and maybe a plow pulled but a cow or two. Hobbits respect and love the land they live on and give back to it as much as they take. During the war the shire was nearly destroyed and it broke Sams heart and I can honestly empathise with him there. I love nature, that wont come as a shock and like Sam it breaks my heart to see it being torn apart and destroyed by industry and fast cheap living. Forests are being torn down to make room for industrial estates, Rivers and seas are being polluted by chemicals we use on the land for farming or to make cheap products and animals are being abused for our greedy needs of over excess. I try to grow as much as I can myself , Support my local farmers and always by cruelty free. I have a deep love of plants since I was a child and love to watch them grow from seed to plant there is a sweet beauty that we miss if we don’t look for it. As I got older I got into the medicinal uses of plants and also their cosmetic uses. When you read about some of the things that go into our food and cosmetics you would agree with the hobbits its best to stick with nature.

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 Hobbits are a peaceful, hardworking and caring folk. community and friendship mean a lot to them and neighbours quickly become friends. They do what they can for each other and keep the community spirit of shire living going. To me Although they are little folk they have big hearts and are fiercely loyal. Frodo took the whole of middle earth on his shoulders and his 3 best friends Merry, Pippin & Sam stood by him and didn’t let him face it all alone. I am a fiercely loyal person, I don’t have many friends just a select few but they are the ones I would go to the end of the world and back again for … I’d even go to Mordor for them. My friends are part of my family and I do all I can for them I would give them the shirt off my back or my last penny if they needed it but also like the Hobbits I try to do what I can for the rest of the world around me, although I am but one small person I know my efforts make a difference. I am a person who wants to fix everything I hate seeing people hurting and alone, I am the one that people come to for advice, the one they know will always help them and the one that even if it’s 3 am I’ll answer the phone or the door to them. even though being like this has got me hurt a few times I wont change to be honest I don’t think I could if I tried but I see it as it says more about them than it does me.  I believe that I was given a gift that I can make people feel comfortable enough to speak honestly and openly to me and try to use this as often as I can to help people in need.

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So you see I’m a proud Hobbit or at least like them and I do think the world would be a better place if we just took a few leaves out of their books. I love having a simple, peaceful life, doing the things I love, being around the people I love be that cuddled up with Bear reading or sat around the table with the family and of course where possible surrounded by plants and trees. I’m happy with what I have and work towards what I want next. I believe in being the change you wish you see in the world and I believe Hobbits are the same.

Are you a Hobbit too ?

Do you think the world would be a better place if we lived a little more Hobbit like or

Have you just lost your heart to the Shire and Middle Earth ?  

Lots of Love berry xx

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