Book Challenges

2018 Reading Challange

I’ve decided to set myself a Reading Challenge for 2018. I love to read but lately I have become so unadventurous with books I choose, sticking with authors I know or going back to books I have already read … It sad isn’t it when there are so many fantastic books and authors out there looking to be discovered. So I hoping this challenge will change all of that.

I thought I would share this challenge with you so below is my list of book prompts, I honestly doubt I will get to read them all but its worth a go … sleeps not important … right 😉 .

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 19.07.15.png

I hope you will join me on this challenge, be it you are a big reader or not.

If I find a book I love I will share that Love with you with on here with a review.

If you have any good recommendations drop me a line and let me know, Its time I expand my author horizons.


Lots of love Berry xx

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