Why Drink Water – 15 Benefits of H2O

We all know how important water is for staying alive, as average human can only go without water for 3 days before they will die, but do we ever really take note at how important water is for other bodily functions and our general day to day health.

The Average human body is made up of 55 – 60% water, so as you see water plays a very large part of our health but what does water actually do and what are the bodily benefits of drinking enough water staying well hydrated …

1) Increases Energy Levels & Relieves Fatigue – Dehydration causes fatigue and a lack of energy drinking water can reverse this.

2) Improves Concentration – The Brain is made up of 75 % water, So drinking water and being well hydrated helps you to think, focus, concentrate and be more alert.

3) Promotes Weight Loss – Water removes the by-products of fat. It also reduces your food intake and reduces hunger by making you feel fuller. It can also raises your Metabolism.

4) Flushes Out Toxins – Through sweating and urination the body eliminates the toxins from your system, this intern reduces the chances of Kidney Stones and UTI (Urinary Track Infection).

5) Purifies the Colon – In doing so it makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients.

6) Maintains Regularity – Drinking water helps the body to digest food properly and then eliminate it from the body, in doing so reduces the chances of constipation.

7) Reduces Water Retention – Our liver works hard to turn our body fat into the energy that you use but if it has to do the kidney’s work too, then it simply holds onto the extra fat that would have been burned off if you simply had enough water, and what’s worse is that instead of excreting water and waste products, you body retains existing water to reuse. This is what causes water retention and bloating.

8) Boosts The Immune Systems – Water balances the lymph system this helps to fight off infections and balances body fluids.

9) Natural Cure For Headaches – Dehydration is the main reason for headaches, So staying well hydrated will help eliminate this type of headache. Before reaching for pain killers when you have a headache try drinking a glass or two of water first and see if that helps.

10) Improves Skin Completion – Water keeps the skin looking young, fresh, glowing, and smooth by keeping it moisturised. It can also help to reduce wrinkles by keeping the skin cells plump.

11) Prevents Cramps & Sprains – With proper hydration, muscles are more elastic and the joints stay properly lubricated, reducing the risk of injury.

12) Helps Prevent Bone Breakage – Bone is made up of 22 % water so keeping your body hydrated keeps your bones healthy and strong reducing the chances of breaks.

13) Puts You In A Good Mood – When we are tired we are grumpy and moody and being dehydtated causes you to be tired. Plus when we feel well and look good it always puts you in a good mood.

14) Increases The Production Of New Blood Cells – Blood is made up by 80-90% water so being hydrated means the body will find it easier to create new blood cells.

15) Saves You Money – Water is free … What more can I say.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.39.39

Science says it is best if we drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. In the UK that works out as about 1.2 litres where as in America they use the 8×8 rule, which is eight 8-oz glasses a day and works out at 1.9 litres a day. If you can stay in between 1.2 – 1.9 litres each day you are spot on to be properly hydrated.

This year I have decided to make a big push to become healthy and overcome my illnesses and staying hydrated is the first step in this.

Do you drink enough water each day or are you like me a keep slipping back into old habits? Or do you have any great tips on how you keep hydrated ? Drop me a line below and let me know.

Lots of Love Berry xx

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