Why Cruelty Free

Why Cruelty Free ?

Why did I go cruelty free ?

Simply because I love animals and hate any form of animal cruelty. I’ve always been animal made, my cruelty free journey started when I was at middle school after seeing a group of campaigners outside our town centre collecting signatures. I was so horrified at the images I saw showing these poor creature in agony, especially when I had the same animals as pets at home. That was it for me from that point on I did everything thing I could to only buy cruelty free products which meant I became obsessed with the Body Shop, fast forward 20 + years and I am still cruelty free, I’m just more aware of the the facts and figures and have a bigger cruelty free company shopping list.

How do I choose who I trust to be cruelty free ?

I generally only use products that are certified cruelty free by either Cruelty free international or PETA. If they aren’t on any list I will do a lot of personal research emailing the company asking about the cruelty free policy, looking around the internet etc to find some answers. If I find their email response ambiguous or there has been testing done in their past but don’t state a fixed cut off date then I avoid them.



Do I wear fur or exotic animal skins?

NO. I hate the fur trade, to me it is simply barbaric to breed animals just to slaughter them for a belts, handbags and coats etc. I can just about except food bi product skins like cows leather as these would be wasted if they weren’t used but I don’t actually have any leather in my wardrobe.

I also avoid faux fur as lately there has been a lot of press coverage about real fur being used on clothing and accessories whist stating it being faux. We have all seen those fur pom pom keyring’s that feel so real to the touch well its because it is real fur.

Am I Vegetarian or Vegan ?

The honest truth is no. I have been a vegetarian and a vegan several times but due to becoming very Ill I was advised to give it up until I well enough again then cross back over slowly with the help of a nutritionalist. At present I eat Vegetarian meals 3 – 4 times a week so I am getting there. I only eat eggs that are free range and RCPCA approved and the meat I eat has to have some form of animal welfare certification

I believe whole heartedly that no animal should be hurt for my vanity or yours, Even if you are a meat eater you can still make a massive difference to animals lives by choosing cruelty free cosmetics and household products.

If you have any questions you would like answered please feel free to ask, But before you jump on me about my personal opinions please remember that everyone is allowed to have their own views and opinions even if they do not match your own.

Lots of Love Berry xx

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