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12 Clothing Brands I love

I love clothes its no secret to be honest is might boarder on obsessive. Since loosing a lot weight I feel more confident and instead of hiding in boring clothes I now what colours and patterns. Its made me more adventurous and I can now buy from brands I always wished I could have.

I have two styles theirs my styles for when I’m out walking or just chilling at home which is more casual with t.shirts, jeans, hoodies and jersey dresses. My other style is my going out smart casual which is pretty tops and skirts. generally I’m not a dressy up kind of girl because I’m not very good at it lol. You can get a jist of my styles below.


Joules don’t just do clothes but household items to which I love as well. I became obsessed with them due to their harbour tops, plus their patterns of flowers and stripes (I’m a sucker for both). I’ve found with joules that their quality is great I have harbour tops I’ve worn over and over again that still look perfect so I think the little extra cost is worth it.

Weird Fish

Weird fish are a great casual brand I love their clothes when I want something casual but still looks good. I am in love with the Macaroni tops they sell they are so thick and warm and due to their bobbled texture they wear and wash fantastically especially when I wear them out walking and end up covered in mud lol.


Brakeburn are another fantastic casual brand that have style and substance. They are comfortable to wear and are stylish enough to wear out for a casual lunch or a trip to the beach. They do accessories too which are just as lovely.


Seasalt Cornwall are another great casual brand will a seasidey edge and the fact their clothes are organic  which just adds to how good they are. Some of their pieces can be seen as a little expensive but keep in mind that ‘Organic’ fact and they fact they are great quality. Don’t you just love that yellow coat ?

Mantaray (At Debenhams)

Mantaray always have such pretty patterns usually of a natural nature. I think their clothes are all made from natural fibres but i can be 100% sure it could be that I’ve just been lucky with what I’ve brought. Like Before they wash and wear well and are great quality.


Mistral clothes have a more smart casual look to them. I love the patterns of the dresses and skirts and there is normally a cute cardigan to  match. I will say they sizes are a little off I have to buy a size bigger from this brand compared to others on the same ilk but that doesn’t put me off.

Crew Clothing

Crew clothing is my other smart casual go to place. There clothes are comfortable yet stylish with many items with a nautical edge. Their style is more classic with block colours or stripes instead of patterns although you will find one or two pattern items in the mix.


I love Wallis my wardrobe is bursting with their clothes. I love the fact you can find a mixture of styles from gorgeous floaty fabrics to edgy and all everywhere in between. Wallis are my normal go to when I want something for going out in. The quality and cut are fantastic and they wash and wear brilliantly I have stuff that still looks new even though I have worn them repeatedly.


Romans like Wallis have a great mixture of styles from casual to classy you can find it. My only complaint is that sometime the tops are a little short for me even though I’m only 5″6 but it doesn’t put me off shopping there.

White Stuff

Sadly I haven’t got much White Stuff clothing in my wardrobe (Yet) because they are fairly new on my radar, but from what I have got they clothing is well made and stylish. With a mixture of styles available there is always something to love.

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley has so many pretty things, some are a little to old for me yet (I’m only 35) but there are some real gems to be had and the sales are fantastic. I like the fact that a lot of the clothes are pretty florals or have pretty detailing, like the lace yoke on the top below.


Next is my go to for basics but I do buy a lot of other clothes from there to. Next has a great mixture of styles plus they stock brand names like Joules and Lipsy. I’ve brought several pair of shoes from next as I need wide fit and they stock a good quantity of styles and they have always worn well.

This is by no means the only places I shop from I love Primark Pj’s, I’ve brought some gorgeous things from new look and Debhamans has way to many brands in it to name them all.

What Brands do you love most ? Do you have a favourite go to brand ?

Lots of Love Berry xx



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