doTerra Oils : Brought To You By Alison – UK Consultant

You all know I love essential oils and Aromatherapy.

Well a few weeks back I was contacted by a very lovely lady called Alison who is a doTerra UK representative, Yes you heard right doTerra has come to the UK. Alison kindly offered to send me a sample of the oils she sells (as I had never tried them before) and asked me if there was any specific need I had for them. Let me tell you Alison knows her stuff , we have spoken several times about other issues and she always knew what would be best.


Now I suffer from Psoriasis which is a pretty crappy Auto immune disease (not contagious) Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. These patches normally appear on your elbows, knees, scalp and lower back, but can appear anywhere on your body. Most people are only affected with small patches. In some cases, the patches can be itchy or sore.

If you want to know more take a look at the Psoriasis association’s website

My Psoriasis is sadly on my face which is hard to hide essentially when its covering half of each cheek, it’s also on my scalp and other places too but I can hide them when they flare up, so my face was the biggest issue at that point. After talking it all through Alison sent me a sample of lavender oil, Chamomile oil and a base oil to mix it with plus a handy guide which oils to choose. Before I tried the oil out I was honestly feeling a little sceptical considering my past results of using essential oil, but I very quickly felt the difference from other essential oils I’ve used before namely Quality. The large patch of skin stopped itching and feeling tight which was heaven, the next day I had noticed the flakes had lessened and within 4-5 day it was all gone and you wouldn’t have known I had, just had a bad flare. Now I have used other oils on my skin and they have all worked over time but never as quick as this.


If you have never heard of doTerra oils then take a look at their website here. They are huge in America and it’s great they have crossed the pond to us. They have fantastic reviews and products and a massive following in the USA so I’m hoping they do as well over here too. doTerra oils can be used in cooking which was something I didn’t know and isn’t recommend with many other essential oils brands. Plus they say you can use them on your pets too so everyone in the family can reap the benefits. doTerra not only sell single note oils but they also sell pre blended oils for a multitude of different issues and uses, which takes the hassle out if blending oils if you are new to aromatherapy plus it also saves on having to invest in the really expensive ones just to make one remedy.

One of my must buy favourite blends is Serenity which helps to relax and unwind you and helps promote sleep, which I really need in my life at the moment.

My other to buy favourite is Peace, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and they have been a lot worse than normal lately, so having a little something to help get things back under control is definitely needed.

doTerra can only be brought through a consultant and I will be honest and say they are more expensive than most oils, but I have found personally they are one of the best on the market and I’ve used oils from god knows how many companies, cheap and expensive.

If you are interested in trying doTerra oils or just want to know a little more about the company and the oils then why not have a chat to Alison, she is so friendly and easy to talk to and like I said before she knows her stuff. You can find her on her Facebook – Natural Wellbeing or through her doTerra representative’s page. The same goes if you would like to become a doTerra sales rep yourself, Allison will help you through every step just contact her and she will go through it all with you.

Do you suffer from Psoriasis ? If you do have you found that essential oils have helped or did they make it worse ? Have you found essential oils have helped with any other issues you’ve had ?

Lots of Love Berry xx

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