My Adventures In Vegetable Gardening

I decided this year I wanted to finally grow my own Vegetables and fruit, well me and Bear have. I always loved working on the allotment and garden growing up, it was a way of clearing my mind, getting fresh air and sunlight and I enjoyed watching my new plant growing, but as time has gone on due to illness it became more and more difficult to carry on doing so and I gave up dabbling here and there but always having to give up.

So in 2018 I (and Bear, someone has to carry the heavy things) are venturing into container gardening and Square Foot Gardening, which means there will be less physical needs to be done like digging and hoeing (Spinal Damage doesn’t like those acts) and more time pottering and enjoyment.

We both decided that we wanted to do this as naturally/organically as possible but also be as environmentally friendly as we could too. Where possible we will use recycled items like mushroom and grape tubes to use as seed trays or to hold the paper seed starter pots that are made with old newspaper to reclaimed wood and metal work for raised beds and trellising.

I have been collecting plastic bottles to use a drip feeders for water thirst plants like tomatoes and courgettes and for cloches on early seedlings Eggs shells as a fertiliser but also as a natural slug repellent and large pop bottles for cloches. Plus I’m collecting the rabbit poop from my two bunnies for fertiliser (I’ll go into that another time) and Rain water in old buckets.

Because I can’t remember much about gardening let alone container and Square foot  gardening I thought I would pay to get some books, the internet is great for info but I prefer to have a book I can refer to straight away. I went onto amazon to look at books that were all over £11 each but managed to pick up all the book from Ebay for £2.50-£3.00 each and they were all buy one get one half price. When they arrived they were like new.

On looking at my pots the terracotta ones have all become cracked and broken where as the plastic ones are still perfect, so although I hate plastic it made sense to buy a few more as in the long run they would last better. The broken terracotta will go as drainage for the new pots and so will the broken polystyrene boxes the dahlia tubers were kept in. We got lucky as B&Q had a sale on, the large square ones were £1 each (down from £4) and the large round ones were £2 each (down from £6).

I’ve been very lucky with the bargains I have gotten from tools to seeds even pots. I got myself a cute little paper pot maker which I had planned to use for all my pots but I found with many of the larger plants they needed to be repotted so they ended up in plastic ones so the idea of using biodegradable pots kind of went out the window.


The garden table has worked well as a potting table


I’ve also been lucky that there is a large store of reclaimed would behind our shed so I made use of it making a raised bed for my Butternut Plants. Although I’m planning on doing some container gardening the rest of the area will be raised beds to which I will be using the square foot garden idea to sow and grow my plants. If you have never heard of square foot gardening its worth looking into. The idea being that you can get maximum produce with minimum space and workimg_20180419_093131771709322.jpg

As you can see it is still a work in progress. The weather this spring has put us all behind but they hasn’t stopped me enjoying every minute of it. I always loved gardening I just seemed to have forgotten how much.

Have any of you decided to grow your own this years or are you a seasoned pro at this gardening lark ?

Lots of Love Berry xx






2 thoughts on “My Adventures In Vegetable Gardening

  1. I love that your doing something you love again. I’m a bit of an intermediate gardener. I’m just starting to grow from seed. I just hope the tomatoes leeks make it. The weather is screwy here in the states too.


    1. I know where to come for gardening advice 🙂 The weather here in the uk is so messed up they are talking about us having snow again. I forgot how much I loved growing things. Time seems to disappear when i’m gardening and so do my problems.


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