Has Spring Really Sprung ? The Plants Aren’t So Sure

Well its seems Spring doesn’t no what it’s meant to be doing. We have had down pour after down pour, scorching temperatures and now they are saying snow is on the way again, which I have my fingers crossed that it wont. It’s know wonder the poor plants don’t know what to do. I managed to get some seeds planted before spring started as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get some seeds sown outdoors in time as there was still a lot of work that needed to be done one my little plot and I’m so glad i did now.

All this being said in between the rain I have managed to get a lot done in my little plot. You may remember me saying I wanted to use reclaimed and recycled items as much as possible, so my biggest achievement was making raised beds, the achievement part comes from using the power tools for the first time to do this which for me is amazing as I’m actually scared of them (FYI I still have all my fingers … Go me !!!)


My Tomato plants got planted out over the weekend finally. Their little raised bed was meant to be for the Butternut squash plants but they didn’t make it and I’m still in mourning but I’ve got some new seedling so I’m hoping this time they will live but they will have to go somewhere else. I made the bed out of old decking boards which I painted then added the metal detail (all my beds match) and what you can see clearly is the top edge is covered by copper tape and around the plants is broken egg shells as i’m doing all i can to stop the slug that are all over the place due to the rain. Their trellising is made from my parents old gazebo which I found all rusted so after a quick sand and paint treatment it looks the bees knees in its new home.

I’ve got half of my sweet peas out they will be climbing the fence either side of the tomatoes and my lavender is growing nicely in its pot and my potatoes are all potted in their bags and each day I’m down there checking for green shoots (As well as slug petrol when its raining. My pea plants are settling in and growing further up the garden.


We have a white lilac bush in our garden that once was cut back and dug out even though I wanted to keep it, well I won in the end as it has grown back with vengeance. I asked Bear build up a planter around it out of reclaimed fence posts then i painted it and added its metal work details and I love how it’s turned out and she’s already started to bloom ( You can see my potato bags just behind)


I still have so much I want to get done but I’m happy with what I have got done so fair I just can’t wait for the day when everything is in bloom or ready to pick especially all the dahlias I’ve planted in memory of my dad.

I will make a little confession here which is every where I go I seem to bring back another plant or packed of seeds for the garden even though I’m running out of space … I just can’t help it I love plants

So with that being said I’m off to sow some more seeds

Lots of Love Berry xx


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